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A security gap on Android, the most popular smartphone operating system, was discovered by security experts in a lab and is so far not widely exploited.

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As smartphones have become more capable, many people have begun to use them as a banking tool, and logging in to a bank account on-the-go is much easier and quicker via mobile data than any.Specifically speaking, the iOS 7 monitors and control the huge part of the mobile stack from the aspect of application layer via App Store, Mobile Operating System (iOS), and the hardware which is iPhone or the iPad negating the infrastructure layer of wireless carrier.At the heart of Jolla is Sailfish OS, the independent mobile operating system offering an alternative to the existing dominant systems.Open Source Software and Forking: The Good, The Great and The Ugly.

Stay ahead of the curve with all the latest news and updates from Turing Robotic Industries.To put that in perspective, in October 2015, an app taking advantage of flaws in the installation code affected a grand total of 15 people.

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Susceptibility of Android to malware is equal, if not a lot lesser than Windows and Ubuntu atleast.Keep your Android device safe and secure with one of these amazing antivirus apps.IPhone and iPad owners need to know which threats they could encounter, and how to fix them if the worst happens.Apple successfully launched a new iPad and iPhone, both of which sold like hot cakes.Learn More about the Top 10 Most Secure Operating Systems Most Secure Linux, OpenBSD Mac OS X.Sailfish Secure - new privacy oriented phone Finland, October 19, 2015: SSH Communications Security is co-operating with Jolla Oy to provide a new secure.Spaces enables work and personal lives to coexist on one phone. Only Blackphone runs on Silent OS,.You have to do the same with the software itself, but that can be automated.

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Another positive thing for Windows Phones is how small the user base currently is.

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Then there are features like native Active Sync support in Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft has made vast developments in offering more vigorous application sandboxing.This tells us that not only are iPhones pretty damn difficult to unlock, but also that Apple value privacy (or at least want to be seen to advocate it).

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The Tails operating system is one of the most trusted platforms.Since being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has been forced to clean up its approach to security and privacy, which resulted in the news last year that it has introduced new encryption measures.And windows phone security is only surpassed by iOS only bcoz they use their own manufactured hardware and software And Nothing borrowed.This is going to be a tearful goodbye, buddy, but it has to happen.Previous Post The Windows 10 Task Scheduler Gives You More Power Next Post Want to Delete VPN Settings on Your iPhone.Spend a few minutes right now to prevent unauthorised access and secure your data.Apple stands up for personal privacy, the original Popcorn Time gets resurrected, Kanye West learns the price of piracy, Sega gives games away on Steam, and play Pong on your Apple Watch.

The best-selling adblocker for iOS shut down two days after launch, Steam offers 1500 Linux games, Volkswagen was cheating on emissions tests, and an iconic Windows sound heard in an entirely new way.Add to that the financial disincentive for either 3rd party to spend resources on a product that is out of development, and at best the update is delayed months past the vulnerability or at worst and most often will never make it to devices more than a few months old.Said to be one of the most secure devices in the consumer market, the Blackphone 2 is the second iteration of the privacy-conscious phone. It comes.Increasing the integrity of the Android OS is a cornerstone of BlackBerry Secure smartphones running Android.Windows has always been considered one of the most vulnerable operating systems on the market, and this is one of the reasons so many companies have tried to develop.BlackBerrys were built with security in mind, which is reassuring enough for the likes of President Obama and UK Prime Minster David Cameron, who previously said.Just like the Google Play Store for Android, Apple vets all apps on its App Store: applications exist in their own ecosystem, only available to the end-user once the company has checked their intent.Read this article to decide for yourself if the PlayBook gives you the bang for.

While iOS should be fine for most people, consumer trust could fall if another major leak is found anytime soon.Two new phones, Black and Blackphone, promise to amp up privacy for their owners.

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The next in line is the Android operating system which offers some unique security solutions along-with the Samsung Knox platform.Ever heard that quote about trying to explain how a television works to an ant.

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It has the brand behind it, but does it make for a wise purchase decision.The latest mobile operating system from Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 offers additional key security policy and management features.Sometimes, the fork is done under a shroud of anger, hatred and animosity.

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The really positive thing about iPhones is how unlockable they are.Security experts argue that if the apps are not secure it does not matter how secure the operating system is built.