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This answer explains how to map (assign) a drive letter to a My Cloud device on Windows.I have a mycloud mirror 6TB that I just received after I returned my original after all my problems.

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Any suggestions to completely turn off this indexer is most welcome.

Fallowing this I have to do a factory reset and wipe out everything the from the back of the device with the paper clip method and this should be done preferably twice.

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I finally decided to listen to the posts about logging into the drive through SSH and killed the.I connected the newly reset unit directly to my router and performed my initial time machine backup.This answer explains how to use the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows utility to test a hard drive for problems.Totally understand, but I went back and read your post too. you are also a prime candidate for this update and will benefit from it in the long run.I decided I was going to do a full restore on the drive (i had tried the simple system restore to-no-avail) Well it took me another two weeks to recover my data then I did the Full Restore it took about 12 hours or more to do.

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Connect this powerful drive to your wireless router for shared storage.WD My Cloud Followup: Connecting multiple drives through the.The WD My Cloud, WD My Cloud EX4, My Cloud EX2, My Cloud Mirror, My Book Live, My Book Live.

WD s My Cloud and My Book Live have been. access for customers attempting to connect to the cloud storage.Windows 10: I cant connect to network drives Page 2 of 5 First 1 2 3 4. Last. Jump to page:.I updated everything, then I pushed a paperclip into the little hole in the back of the unit to reset it.Edit: I scrapped my device and the internal WD 4TB Red is now having its second life in an Icybox USB-enclosure.

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If you select YES, no thumbnails will be created and files will not be catalogued for user interface information.Optionally, write a firmware that will give priority to user access, and not the background processes.

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I have seen that as of today there is a new firmware upgrade.I am waiting for a replacement drive, but I know what I will do first when I get the new unit to replace the one I have.Yes, all computing devices can connect to the My Cloud, including Mac and PC systems (browser and My Cloud desktop app).

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So from what I understand once the cloud is out of the box I have to fallow WD protocol to be able to do a set up and have access the dash board.Now includes support for My Cloud and My Cloud EX4 Enhanced Windows 8.The WD My Cloud 3 TB is a network hard disk drive, also know as NAS (Network Attached Storage).Sorry for the delay it took me forever to post my results but i wanted.My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage - Shared storage for computers, tablets, and smartphones.We have made some changes in our latest release to directly address concerns like this.

Best performance of this drive so far.although it was fresh out of the box with the firmware update, it was literally a brick.

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After I reset it, I did it again just to make sure everything reset correctly.

Looked at this excellent review because my old WD dropping connection a lot.You will have to get a program to connect to the drive via SSH, there are a few options available.I had almost all the same problems everybody else had tried almost everything that was sugested nothing worked.My Cloud desktop application not particularly useful since I mainly access from Linux vi ip.

How to physically connect, disconnect, and install a WD external drive on a Windows PC or Mac.My only problem and a point that i have difficulty is the backup software which i think is confusions and not really user friendly, but i believe with little practice i will figure it out.Full factory restore in progress (3TB) on firmware, currently at 33% after 26 hrs.Testing a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows.It must be connected to your router through a Gigabit Ethernet port.

This article explains how to physically connect, disconnect, and install a WD external drive to a computer running Windows or Mac PC.After reading this tread, I called WD and they had me reset the mycloud mirror by pushing a paperclip into the small hole in back of the unit.I take it out of the box set it up let it do all of the updates.