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How can I turn off the screen blackout in Linux when playing a film in BBC iPlayer.Apple starts its summer sale, throws in free wireless Beats with purchase.Here in the UK our beloved BBC is currently looking to introduce a system for playing back recent shows via the web.

BBC will require all users to log in to iPlayer and some mobile apps from early 2017.The BBC has announced that a version of its iPlayer application for Mac and Linux operating systems is now available for download by Mac users in the U.K.

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BBC recently announced that iplayer now supports downloads on windows an linux, in the form of iplayer desktop.The BBC iplayer offers viewers a chance to catch up on programmes that have recently been shown on the channels.The latest version of BBC iPlayer Desktop has just been released with both Mac and Linux compatability thanks to Adobe Air.

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This is the same supposedly evil technology the likes of the MPAA would have you believe should be eradicated before it destroys all that is good and holy.

Google Backup and Sync is now available and will change the way you backup your files.BBC Redux was developed as a proof of concept for a cross-platform, Flash Video-based streaming system.:15 BBC iPlayer left beta and went live on 25.The iPlayer has never crashed, frozen or gotten up to any other shenanigans on me yet, touch wood.

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Windows 10 build 16241 rolls out to PCs in the Fast ring, with Fluent Design improvements.Mac and Linux versions of BBC iPlayer are now available, after the BBC finally made the online TV tool available for operating systems other than Windows.

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Even worked for a Linux...Here is a tutorial: How to watch BBC iPlayer on Android and iOS outside the United.I hope everyone had a good holiday season and feels suitably gorged on turkey and After Eights.The BBC has released a beta of its popular iPlayer service that will allow Mac and Linux users to download programs and keep them for up to 30 days (or seven, after playing for the first time).I think the software has been very well developed and the BBC technical team deserve credit for this, hopefully it will continue to evolve and improve.The BBC has released versions of its iPlayer for both Mac and Linux that will let users download programs.This project aims to make the BBC iPlayer application run on Linux and other UNIX operating systems using wine.I cannot get BBC iPlayer to work in Ubuntu (11.04). iPlayer program loads OK, but stalls when trying to download the programme material (music).

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After all necessary events will be sounded, keep the sound scheme created by you, having clicked on the button to Keep as, and specify its.

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Now that Adobe have released their AIR platform for Linux and Mac we can all get in on the action and try it out at least, I decided to see how easy it was to install and use the iPlayer Desktop on Linux.

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The BBC worked with Adobe to develop the new version, BBC iPlayer Desktop.Whilst programmes can be streamed by any platform which will run Adobe Flash player, the download feature has had to be customised for each platform.