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To manages apps on Android HTC One, and hide or unhide them (show hidden apps) do as follows.If you are always worried about someone reading your private messages, here are the top 5 apps to hide text messages on Android.How to hide your API Key in Android. In my audits of hundreds of Android mobile apps I have seen many attempts to hide the.You can hide apps on HTC One, so they are no longer visible in app list.You should include a call to see if the checksum matches your APK as otherwise someone can call your NDK library outside of your app to recover the password.

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There is nothing to stop someone else from sending the same encrypted API key from a different app to defeat your efforts.

Related: How to hide your files, phones and apps on your phone.Below is an example of an API key that was found by unzipping the APK file after it was pulled off the phone and looking in the asssets folder.Why would you even need such an app when you have your phone secured in your pocket.

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Do you revoke the old API key and switch to a new API key, potentially leaving users of earlier versions stranded.The pro version of File Hide Expert app is available that offers DISGUISE function, the pro version is disguised as a Tip Calculator so no one will know that you are hiding anything.Choosing the 5 best casino or gambling apps is difficult even for the.In Smart Phones like Android already has some inbuilt feature to hide phone number.

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Godfrey Nolan is the founder and president of the mobile and web development company RIIS LLC based in Troy, Michigan, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.He has had a healthy obsession with reverse engineering bytecode.

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Whenever you install an app. then if it supports root permissions.Hiding applications on an Android phone used to be as easy as opening a menu and touching a button.How to hide any application in android device without rooting my.

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Either way is not going to be 100% satisfactory, so it is best to avoid the situation completely.

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Even this app lets you hide your Facebook messages, you can easily keep your everything secret using this app, yes, you also have option to make password to save all your hidden things.After closing the app if you open task switcher you will see the app as if it were open showing your hidden.

I lost all my photos in applock.How to retreive them.plzz help me.

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Samsung Netherland Says Galaxy Note 3 Neo Lollipop Update Is Coming.We are at play store for checking new and updated android game apps.Our main newsletter is the Android Weekly which is sent every Sunday and contains all the top Android news, reviews and features from the past week.

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How to hide your API Key in Android Android Development Features by Godfrey Nolan May 6, 2015.Step by step guide how to hide apps on Android, hide photos and icon from SocialTech360.Filed Under: How to. (Nova Prime) to hide the apps in my app drawer.

Copyright 2015 AndroidEgis - A Blog about Android Phones, Tablets and Android Apps.The File Locker is another best app to keep your data private, the file locker app lets you to protect your data against any unauthorized person like other will not be able to read, play, watch, etc without your permission.

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This app lets you all files and folders within seconds, the app offers really a fast performance.

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Quickly Hide Contact without Any Software on Your. applications which will help you to hide or lock your contacts and are. android app reviews, SEO and.There are multiple ways to Hide Photos on Android Phone or Tablet, ranging from native features in Samsung and LG Phones to using Play Store Apps.The NDK compiled code can still be opened with a hexidecimal editor but by the nature of the API key they are harder to pick out in a hexidecimal editor.We covers the top social media news on topics like Facebook, like us and be our fan on Facebook.Even you can disappear the Vault app from the phone, to re-open the app, you just need to enter the password using the call dialer app.The app also feature call blocker and import images option from SD card.

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Below an example of an API key found in a pharmacy app that was stored in a file.

This app is packed with so many handy features like you have option to lock your apps, you have option to stay awake and lock the auto screen rotate.The App Lock can be used to protect your apps using a password or pattern, if you ask from me what the best, password is is better, however it depend, sometime, on personal choice.How to hide photos on an Android phone and keep those saucy snaps private.