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Via web access, you can download zipped folders of backups and manage.The speed of the uploads seems slow to me but I have started backing up almost 50GB of pdfs on a rather slow connection.When I went to restore them after my hard drive failed last month, CrashPlan claimed I had never backed up my files.I will give another try, but will constantly check out if my data is really available and not take it for granted.CrashPlan is getting popular among the users for its amazing set of features and functionalities.Months went by with no backup, then in October I get a message from CrashPlan saying I had to backup soon or else my data would be deleted from the server, as they require a backup at least once every six months.Nothing should come between you and successful hard drive backup.Crashplan allows backing up NAS devices as long as they are mounted.

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In May 2016, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason the app could not connect with the server.Backing up a large set of files can literally take months with CrashPlan.This extra feature is complimentary and adds a great deal of protection against network related data loss.The digital world is changing, and you need an online backup plan that changes with it.Even ignoring this data point, the trend is very clear: CrashPlan might not be throttling users but they are surely using other means to reduce bandwidth, this echoes a number of other similar report.With its unique and much appraised three destination backup.

My contract did not decrease in cost they just deleted everything.That plan will also be ideal for businesses, although the small business plan is more suitable, considering AES encryption, which is perfect for large volumes of data.I had a serious problem with CrashPlan recently when an external drive suddenly failed.However, even though I continued to get emails telling me I was 100% backed up, I was not.We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.As it can be seen, the backup started at a meagre 2Mbps (I am on optical fibre on my end so my internet connection is not the bottleneck) and it remained stable until reaching 30%, since then the throughput is consistently decreasing week after week.The drive was encrypted with Bitlocker, and for some reason other computers will not recognize the drive at all.

Any computer can be backed up using your CrashPlan account as long as you install the client and use a unique six-digit code.Restoring backups is not only quick and easy, but since CrashPlan lets you keep an unlimited amount of versions of files, rest assured that your data is safe from those pesky meddling kids.

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CrashPlan runs also on Linux, so you can install CrashPlan inside a VM (eg.Backblaze is a pioneer in robust, scalable low cost cloud backup and storage services.SOS Online Backup: features, pricing, pros, cons, alternatives and more.The cloud is useful as a secondary backup option, particularly for businesses, where downtime may be as long as the cloud restoration process in case of a disaster.Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on new releases and more.

One major security concern for anyone using cloud services is government policy, CrashPlan is fully compliant with data management and privacy laws in the.Overall the software is quite easy to use and for the price, definitely worth looking into.Bottom Line: CrashPlan is an innovative online backup service that boasts an excellent interface, unlimited storage plans, and the ability to back up to your own (or.After hours and even days of trying, was only able to do it via Terminal, following advice from Larry Aasen on.There should be a download tab and once clicked, let you choose you the place where to save that download on your computer.

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Files backed up online can be restored from all supported devices.No technicians were available and I was told to fill out a ticket.

CashPlan has been struggling for a week with some of its servers at end of October 2013.

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Luckily I also have my backup set to be stored on another local computer which went much faster (free version of the software allows this which is really nice).

CrashPlan review, exploring the pricing, features, and security of this backup service, and its strengths and weaknesses as a data storage solution.I guess they prefer to have only happy users telling about happy stories of their experience with CrashPlan.

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As a matter of fact, during sign-up, the service indicated that it would keep my email address private, and safe from spammers.For the past several years, most of my colleagues and I have relied on CrashPlan as an essential component of our backup strategies.If you have a smartphone, you can use the iOS or Android app to quickly download it.

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Instead of being locked to one machine with slow upload speeds, try a one-stop.CrashPlan offers a myriad of options to backing up your data.If you have more than one computer, look at the family plan to save some money.I am a long-time Acronis TrueImage, EASEUS To-Do, Mozy, and Windows OS backup user.When you get up in the morning, your restores will just be empty folder.I have been paying for the unlimited service, and with a little help from the support staff, set up was relatively easy.

On the page, you can select either individual files or whole folders (which can downloaded as a zip file) to be downloaded.When it comes to backup for Mac, Windows or Linux, are you looking to achieve the most disaster-proof strategy.They would not even try to work with me to deal with the change in Internet services in CA that I experienced after moving.At first you will probably see all your data available for restore.Such a huge disappointment as it had suited my needs very well until now.The first time I left work waited 35 minutes for someone to answer the phone and I was told that no one was available from tech support and they would call me back the next day.So even on a simple reinstall, crashplan can only restore files you already have, unless you do the sequence of operations just right.

My upload speed of 10Mbps jumped to 94Mbps after minimizing data-deduplication.In spite of the fact that I get e-mails at frequent intervals assuring me that Crash plan has backed up my files, I was very disappointed to find when I tried to access my data that nothing had been backed up.Now you can backup the files from your Linux running inside the VM to the host.Last but not least, CrashPlan also allows users to track all backups connected to an account and cover their digital tracks by disabling history.With the recent earthquake, tsunami and issues with the nuclear plants in Japan, the one thing we should all seriously take a look at is a way to back up all that.CrashPlan also has two free options next to its online backup service: local backup and offsite (or computer-to-computer) backup.