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Time Capsule also runs hot and often cannot connect to external hard drives it shares.Then I fired up my Airport Extreme (gigabit ethernet ) which I was using prior to the TC, connected wirelessly through that and speeds are what they are supposed to be and consistent.Also, Time Machine has failed to backup to TC numerous times resulting in days of troubleshooting but no permanent fix.There are several reasons that can cause your web browser to start or run slowly.Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as.

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What can I use to diagnose the cause of the issue quickly and efficiently. 0.

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When I intersperse my Time Capsule the throughput is initially OK but gradually declines to the point when my family complain.Communities Sign in Post Browse discussions Contact Support Search Communities Contact Support Sign in Content People Search.

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March 31, 2015. By:. they may all slow down if only one or two sites max-out the. most sites will support either Internet.OK, sounds to me from this and other threads that there are technical issues with the time capsule.

Slow Internet service can be caused by everything from a virus or spyware to an.If it occurs at your local Internet Service Provider or later down the.

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When you see a prompt to restart the computer, click Restart.Even my Windows XP PC connected to Ethernet LAN port has the same slowly internet connection.One highly rated provider shares 10 reasons your computer may be slowing down. computer down.The same goes for temporary Internet. hard drive to slow down.

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Symantec recommends that you run only one antivirus or antispyware product.I feel a bit guilty because I gave my ISP some serious grief about it, but now I think it is the TC because I went from 450 kbps to 12,700 kbps as soon as I re-started it.

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Troubleshoot Slow Internet. to your home network by powering down equipment not being. check wired Internet connections prior to.My computer runs slowly. Over time, temporary files can slow down Internet browsing and computer performance.Apple disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site.

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When I plug the DSL cable directly to my mac the speed become normal again.

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Use these tips to not only diagnose but also fix the causes of slow Internet.The issue could be caused by a Safari Extension, Internet plug-in, or other add-on. If Safari is slow, stops responding, quits unexpectedly,.

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Apple should make the mixed network problem explicit in the documentation for time capsule.I have a problem with Internet Explorer 11, it loads some web pages very slow or not at all. Internet Explorer 11 is slow and regularly does not respond R.

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Download and run Norton Power Eraser - Unwanted Application scan.

So I tried several things, connecting my laptop by ethernet directly to TC - same result.Internet Explorer. internet page loading very slow. clean my hard drive my pages load very fast after a few minutes the page loading slows down,.I struggled with this issue for a while and decided to write down my findings in a blog.

If the Internet slows down after adding a particular add-on, then keep it disabled.Remove Conduit toolbar and search.conduit.com from your computer.After the computer is restarted, the scan starts automatically.Microsoft has issued a hotfix to most major versions of Internet Explorer.

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I once had a speed problem while on a wireless connection to time capsule.

I have similar problems with my Time Capsule- we are a small office and use it as a secondary back up (in addition to an off site backup service that we use).Your Internet connection is shared with others on your LAN and. running the Line Quality Test may help find the cause.There is a helpful diagram of how to set up a dual network at.When Norton Power Eraser completes the scan, the results are displayed in the Unwanted Apps Scan Complete window.This applies to wireless clients and even ethernet connections from the Time Capsule.