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How to Clear WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone iPad. delete apps on iphone (1) delete call history from iphone 7 plus (1) delete call logs on iphone (1).

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You may want to sell. be restored easily through some recovery apps.

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The Complete Guide to Deleting Items on. how to delete a photo from your iPhone.

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You could have many applications on your iPhone 4. So, if you want to delete apps from your iPhone 4,.

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How to delete your search history and prior destinations in Maps.In some point of time you may have downloaded some exotic adult apps just for fun, but now you no longer use them but still you can see them in purchased history of your phone, which can be embarrassing, if your family member comes to know about it.

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How To Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp If Someone Has Blocked You.So you bought a dating app on your iPhone 3G 3 years ago and your girlfriend happens to see it in your purchase history.The problem is that if you delete an app from your. making it a chore to sort and manage the apps on my iPhone and.How to Delete Frequently Visited Sites on iPhone or iPad. bar in Google Chrome when you open the app.

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Learn how to delete apps on iphone and ipad by following our simple step by step instructions. How to Delete Apps on iPhone: Step by Step Instructions.How to delete your search history and destinations in Maps on iPhone. destination and search history.

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Before you sell or give away your device, you should remove your.

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