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You can then reconnect to it later by clicking it and selecting Connect.You could also connect from a browser you have yet to connect to the site from.Here are some general reasons and troubleshooting you can do.

General Support Desk Answers - StrongVPN Support Desk Knowledge Base.It connects to VPN ok but I cannot access anything on the network.

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Hello, I have recently install an ASG v7 I want connect it to an ASG v6.To test this, try connecting to the Internet without the router and see if it works.

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Please submit a ticket request here so we can confirm an account is in good working order (or not) for you.High-speed anonymous VPN Service from Private Internet Access.All the Features That Require a Microsoft Account in Windows 10.

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This does not use the NordVPN application. 1. First, download.If you are running Vista, chances are you need to disable UAC, more info here.I am connecting to my home computer via an incoming VPN, so I can access local devices on my network.Alternatively you could set an exception for all traffic to the VPN server address.

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Hey friends, every time I try to connect to a server the connection never goes through.

Hi we have constructed this page to help customers that are having problems connecting to their VPN account.

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Has anyone had any luck using Cisco VPN Client through a WAG54GS Router.Once connected, you can click the network icon in your system tray to view your VPN connections.

This will vary depending on your firewall software, but in general you will need to allow outgoing connections to port 1723 and the GRE protocol (47) also allowed.Please see how to submit VPN diagnostic logs to IVPN so we can help you diagnose the issue.My roommate just reset our wireless so when I try to connect to the.If you are able to connect okay on your cell phone on 3G or 4G,.Disconnect both computers and connect just one account, it will work fine.Please make sure you have placed the files in the folder unzipped.I have a remote user who cannot connect to our Watchguard device that sits behind a network-based firewall though I am able to using his profile on my own PC.

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Vista UAC - Customers have found that disabling UAC will sometimes allow OpenVPN and even our PPTP connections to work.

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If you are on Windows 7 please ensure you are running OpenVPN as administrator.If you want to connect your iPhone or iPad to a VPN, your best bet is to use a third-party client that makes.

How To Get The Best Speed - For general suggestions on how to improve speed.

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In other words plug your computer directly into your modem device bypassing the router.

Please collect the following information: RAS tracing on Server and remote.The known working VPN clients are: - Microsoft Windows VPN client.