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Moved help changelog and conf tmpl files to the root of the help folder instead of having one copy per language.However, as one skilled in the art will understand, time offsets, in CDMA chip sizes, may be re-used within a PCS system, thus providing efficient use of pilot time offset chips, thereby achieving spectrum efficiency.Note that a list of such environmental characteristics may include such factors as: area type, time of day, season.As also mentioned above in (2.3), the present disclosure describes the utilization of adaptive signal processing techniques.Because the latest changes in hscommon include the introduction of a base GUIObject which significantly changes view setting mechanisms, significant adjustments had to be made in dupeGuru.Since location base stations can be located on potentially each floor of a multi-story building, the wireless location technology described herein can be used to perform location in terms of height as well as by latitude and longitude.Be it an iPhone or iPad, iOS 11 claims to come with significant updates and alterations.It is well known in the wireless telephony art that the phenomenon of signal multipath and shadow fading renders most analytical location computational techniques such as time-of-arrival (TOA) or time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) substantially useless in urban areas and particularly in dense urban areas.Method and apparatus for determining the precise location of a modified cellular telephone using registration messages and reverse control channel transmission.

Note that the multiple hypothesis architecture provided herein is useful in implementing solutions in a wide range of applications.Accordingly, inclement weather conditions, such as clouds, terrain features, such as hills and trees, and buildings restrict the ability of the GPS receiver to determine its position.In one embodiment, the collection C is determined by interrogating the location signature data base 1320 for verified location signature clusters stored therein having such a common set B of base stations (antenna sectors).In particular, the context adjuster hypothesis generation is based on the archived verified (or known) performance application data that is related to both G and H.Thus, in some subareas of the coverage area 120, location signature data from five or more base stations (antenna sectors) may be used, whereas in other subareas three (or less) may be used.That is, the most likelihood estimator 1344 determines the area(s) within each such region having high confidences (or confidences above a threshold) as the most likely target MS 140 location estimates.Yet another objective of the present disclosure is to provide a low cost location system and method, adaptable to wireless telephony systems, for using simultaneously a plurality of location techniques for synergistically increasing MS location accuracy and consistency.Wireless location routing applications and architecture therefor.

The mobile station 140 then initiates a registration request with the MSC 112, via the base station controller 174.Note that this module may also be daemon or expert system rule base.Method for monitoring integrity of an integrated GPS and INU system.For example, if the difference between a previous (most likely) location estimate of a target MS and a location estimate by a current location hypothesis requires the MS to.Updated README to include clearer build instructions Added qtlib repo as a subtree Added cocoalib as a subtree.In particular, for some coverage areas 120, the hypothesis analyzer 1332 may be unnecessary.

Note that additional detail on these aspects of the invention are provided hereinbelow.

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Despite having localizations for these message, dupeGuru would previously display the english message.Output queue(s) 21 ( FIG. 30 ) are required for similar reasons as input queues 7: relatively large amounts of data must be held in a specific format for further location processing by the location estimate modules 1224.In one particular embodiment of a hybrid location system, values for the eight types of confidence adjustment values (described in sections above) are output to the present controller for computing an aggregate confidence adjustment value for adjusting the confidence of the currently active location hypothesis presently being analyzed by the analytical reasoner module 1416.

In a first case the controller 15 utilizes, for a given MSC, predetermined storage information in the MSC table 31 to determine which type of commands, such as man-machine or OSI commands are needed to request such signal measurements for a given MSC.Referring to FIG. 3, the figure illustrates key components of a typical cellular and PCS power budget design process.Method and apparatus employing automatic route control system.In both cases, the amount of change in vertical area per unit of area in a horizontal plane (for some horizontal reference plane) may be high.

However, such prioritization may vary depending on, for instance, the radio coverage area 120.When the target MS 140 detects that the MBS pilot channel is sufficiently strong, the target MS may switch to using the MBS 148 as its primary base station.The American Heritage College Dictionary, 3rd Edition, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1993, p. 485.Apple today released iOS 9.0.2, a minor update that introduces bug fixes and performance improvements to iOS 9. The iOS 9.0.2 update comes one week after the release.Added Kyrill Detinov to credits for russian loc improvements.Further, the antenna characteristics at the base stations 122 may be important criteria.

Information Search System for enabling a user of a user terminal to search a data source.Due to the large capital outlay costs associated with providing three or more overlapping base station coverage signals in every possible location, most practical digital PCS deployments result in fewer than three base station pilot channels being reportable in the majority of location areas, thus resulting in a larger, more amorphous location estimate.The PSTN 124 may also provide connections to long distance networks and other networks.System and method of locating a mobile terminal within the service area of a cellular telecommunication system.

In particular, for each (verified) loc sig includes the following.Thus, if a location estimate is desired in a very short time interval (e.g., less than approximately one to two seconds), then the present location estimating system can be used with only as much signal measurement data as is possible to acquire during an initial portion of this time interval.In some embodiments of distance models, the target MS location estimate(s) generated are obtained using radio signal analysis techniques that are quite general and therefore are not capable of taking into account the peculiarities of the topography of a particular radio coverage area.Such delays are unacceptable in many applications such as, for example, emergency response and vehicle tracking.For example, if the difference between a previous (most likely) location estimate of a target MS and an estimate by a current location hypothesis requires the MS to.In addition the controller 15 receives autonomous messages from the MSC, via the location applications programming interface or L-API 14 ( FIG. 30 ) and the input queue 7, whenever a 911 wireless call is originated.For example the cell base station traffic loading capacity and network transport facilities are usually designed for a 1-2 percentile blockage factor as well.

Multi-path resistant frequency-hopped spread spectrum mobile location system.Furthermore, the snap to street location module 1562 may also be used in enhancing the location of a target MS 140 by either the MBS 148 or by the location engine 139.Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the date listed.).Location determination system and method using television broadcast signals.

Summing the path loss and the two fading margin loss components from the above yields a total path loss of.In particular, the filter description can define a pipeline of filters having a sequence of filters wherein for each two consecutive filters, f 1 and f 2 (f 1 preceding f 2 ), in a filter description, the output of f 1 flows as input to f 2.System and a method for selective data retrieval from a remote database on basis of caller line identification and user specific access codes.In one embodiment, convolution of forward and reverse images is performed to drive out noise.It is a particularly important aspect of an embodiment of a hybrid location system to provide.Network addressing scheme encoding communication channel information.Briefly, CDMA is an electromagnetic signal modulation and multiple access scheme based on spread spectrum communication.