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Certainly, prior knowledge of the characters conjures up a bit of goodwill at the start, but eventually, Kick-Ass 2 just throws in the towel.Several brands are mentioned or shown, but not in an overt or meaningful way.After a terrible beating, he gets his only superpower: a skeleton laced with metal braces and damaged nerve endings that lessen the sensation of pain.So Kick-Ass joins a new supergroup led by Colonel Stars and Stripes ( Jim Carrey ) and connects with the attractive Night Bitch ( Lindy Booth ).Violence The frequent, pervasive violence is of the over-the-top, fantasy, comic-book fighting variety, but it gets pretty brutal (with loud punching, pummeling, and falling) and does include gore -- such as spurting blood from heads, stomachs, and feet.

Language The movie features almost constant swearing, including some from the mouth of an 11-year-old girl.Each superhero is attempting to make a difference in the name of good, but the violence and near-constant extreme language -- especially from the young girl -- make them far from templates for kids.Have sex with her Kick-Ass tight pussy and tight ass. Reviews. 1 2 3 4.

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Get age-based movie reviews, app recommendations, and more for your kids.What does the movie have to say about sex among high schoolers.And the inclusion of the young girl spewing extremely strong language and gunfire sends a confusing and disturbing message.Viewers see many deaths, spurting blood, stabbings with pool cues and broken glass, shootings, and heavy fighting, punching, pummeling, and slamming of bodies.

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The top BitTorrent search terms of 2013 will not surprise anyone, but the most popular term just might.Due to a strong marketing campaign, very positive buzz, and good early reviews, parents are going to have a tough time keeping teens away from this one.Language Language is extremely strong, with heavy sexual innuendo.

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Sex Aside from endless sex jokes and sex talk, the hero looks at naked women (National Geographic-style women in native dress) on the Internet and prepares to masturbate.Given the dearth of strong female characters, especially in action movies, Hit Girl could be a chance to create a powerful girl lead, but her extremely young age mixed with the limit-pushing content instead pushes the film into exploitative territory.Best Superhero Movies for Kids Superhero Games See all recommended movie lists.

Director Matthew Vaughn ( Layer Cake, Stardust ) balances several characters with brisk economy and punchy scenes, not unlike comic book panels.The main character is transformed after two thugs beat him up and he stumbles into the path of an oncoming car.

Not long after his debut, more heroes appear, including Big Daddy ( Nicolas Cage ), the 11-year-old Hit Girl ( Chloe Grace Moretz ), and Red Mist ( Christopher Mintz-Plasse ).

Everyone else in attendance for the action and Rated-R hijinks of the characters. kick ass, kick ass 2.There are also tons of weapons (one character has his own arsenal), including a bazooka and a kind of armed jet pack.

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No other drinking, smoking, or drugs -- though Hit Girl does take an injection of adrenaline during the final fight.

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A character is devoured by a shark, with clouds of blood in the water.

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The older Kick-Ass has sex with a girl hero, and two topless women are shown.Comedy Action. 117 min. Release Date. Rated R for strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content,.A man is strangled, and a gory photograph of the body is shown.Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Nicolas Cage, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.