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This means there are two Portshield groups, one for the WAN and the rest for the LAN.I can remove the port from the Zone by reversing my previous steps and simply put the port back into Unassigned status.Our inbound traffic is split across both feeds, as well, based on our external DNS settings.Keep in mind that it really is a bets practice to export your settings before you flash your firmware to a newer version, specially so when there is a lot of new functionality being added.

The problem is reconfiguring the devices with new settings is going to break a few things.Sonicwall VPN Client Ports. Similar Threads - Sonicwall Client Ports.

This topic describes how to configure Sonicwall to work in a VPN site-to-site solution with ISA Server.I assume that the net is all that you will allow on X2 and X3.

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As an example, there are rules that apply to all traffic passing from the WAN to the LAN.Interesting article about VLANS, however I have a question, can you assign the same VLAN over multiple SonicWALL interfaces (we have a SonicWALL 3600).I have a LAN Portshield group with one port (X1), a WAN Portshield group with 2 ports (X1 and X6) and the rest of my ports are unassigned meaning they are not in any Portshield group and are available for use in a new group.

OK, If I understand correctly, you just want to move one VLAN to a new portshield group and keep everything else the same, correct.

Configure a Firewall for VPN Traffic - TechNet - Microsoft

Of course, your Portshield groups may look different (depending on your unit) but you get the drift.

I want everything on X0 to be replicated to X5 and X6 be redundant to X5.I also have multiple switches, and need the X0 configuration to be replicated to X2, X3 (So each of these can connect to a different switch).

Meaning I have 2 switches stacked for redundancy with right now each switch is plugged into X5 and X6 with X6 set as redundant to X5.

Use built in W10 VPN client to connect to a Sonic Wall VPN

When you runs the Sonicwall Setup Wizard one of the things that you are prompted for is the port layout you would like.

DMVPN configuration with both Hub and Spokes having a dynamically assigned NBMA (public) IP.Users connecting to it via Netextender are fine (Windows 7, 8, 8.1). I just purchased a Surface.If you turn it off it connects then you can turn it back on and it stays connected.Traffic between the zones MUST pass through the firewall barrier and, by definition, the firewall rules that are set for that zone.I also split my vlans (Have similar zones on X0, X2, X3 and the others on a X5).

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I have an EdgeRouter Lite as the gateway ( and the Sonicwall.I want to assign X5 to my new TEST Network zone and assign appropriate IP addressing for that Zone to the port.I have a Dell Sonicwall TZ 205 router at work that I VPN into and a d-Link router at home.I know for sure that it is a local d-link router firewall concern.SonicWALL firewalls are a staple of network security in the small and medium business market.Forum discussion: i am helping a friend setup his home vpn connection. his laptop is configured with sonicwall vpn client. which works when he plugs strait into his.

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In other words, Portshield allows me to group two or more ports together so that those ports function in the same way in the same zone.