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ThePirateBay: Despite the criminal conviction of its founders, the Sweden-based ThePirateBay continues to facilitate the download of unauthorized content.A trade association representing major US film studios has fired the opening salvo in its war on piracy websites, with Solarmovie.ph the first to be blocked under.Movie2k is the No.1 site to watch free movies online and TV shows in HD.

Foxtel has launched another case in the Federal Court to have the piracy streaming websites Yes Movies, Los Movies, Watch Series and Project Free TV blocked in Australia.

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Taobao was recently listed as one of the top 16 most visited sites in the world, and one of the top three most visited sites in China, according to rankings published at Alexa.com.Crowdsource Campaign Launched To Restore Woodstock Festival Site.

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Thirty-three percent of piracy sites included in a new study distributed malware.Copyright fans avert your eyes, watching movies and TV online without paying for it just became a lot easier.

It is easy to watch FREE movies online from China here, since there are many video websites for you to do that, but outside China, there may be not many video.With The Pirate Bay still down for the count, sad pirates can take solace in the fact that there are actually plenty of other great torrent sites out there.The Proxy Bay maintains a list of proxy sites that allow access to The Pirate Bay.Taobao: Several commenters reported that pirated and counterfeit goods continue to be widely available on China-based Taobao.

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MegaUpload makes money the same way many legitimate sites do--through search, social media, ad networks.

These websites appear to be designed to confuse consumers by operating much like popular, legitimate sites.Movie2K and Download4All have been blocked by major UK Internet providers.

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Spotify Continues To Add New Artist And Fan Friendly Features.Movie Search Engine results for piracy movie sites from Search.com. What piracy movie sites are you looking for.

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File-sharing sites like the Pirate Bay could be holed below the waterline by a new ruling from The European Court of Justice.

Discover the best websites and apps through our Top 10 lists.But now some of the largest technology companies in Silicon Valley are growing concerned that major movie studios are trying.The TV and movie piracy issue seems to be causing many to take sides,.

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Although BitTorrent indexing sites can be used for lawful purposes, such sites can also be used for the high-speed locating and downloading of allegedly infringing materials from other users.

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Pirate movie sites blocked by UK ISPs following court order.

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Internet Pirates Will Always Win. probably the largest and most famous BitTorrent piracy site. uTorrent and Tribler, people stream movies and.Most torrent users rarely change their downloading habits or the places where they get their daily torrent dose.Top Site List Planet documents the top websites and apps in every niche.ThePirateBay recently ranked among the top 100 websites in both global and U.S. traffic, according to Alexa.com.The Pirate Bay, this site is an actual website where anyone can post any media file: songs, pictures, movies, software, and even certain video games.