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He even shut down all the colleges in South Korea to prevent dissent.

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Korea and China: The Korean kingdoms were influenced by Chinese trade goods and culture.However, there is one dish unique to Korea and that is kimchi. Koreans.The WTO has since gone on to build modern toilet facilities in third-world countries, such as the Philippines.Alternately called Dokdo (Korean) and Takeshima (Japan), these islands have stirred up as much as controversy as World War II.Unlike its prison guard brethren, the SGR-1 is packing some serious firepower, including a 5.5-millimeter machine gun and 40-millimeter automatic grenade launchers.They pick their warriors from herds headed to the meat market, and when choosing, ranchers look for animals with big horns, thick necks, and low torsos.

Somewhere in between these two extremes lie South Korea and Japan.

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Originally conceived as a way to advertise mud cosmetics, this popular Korean festival has grown enormously, attracting three million people in 2012 alone, including 22,000 foreigners.

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Get South Korea facts and information and see the South Korean flag in this country profile from National Geographic.In 1972, Jeong Won-seob was forced to act out the murder and rape of a schoolgirl, a crime he allegedly committed.Despite the glaringly obvious problems with this procedure, the practice still continues today.For 10 glorious days, revelers ignore everything their mothers ever told them about playing in the mud.

The battling parties included North Korea, with Chinese assistance about halfway.When the battle is over, the winner takes with the prize money, while the losers (both rancher and bull) drown their sorrows in rice wine.

Short about South Korea Is a sovereign state situated at the southernmost tip of the Korean peninsula and officially known as the Republic of Korea.Korea is a 750-mile-long (1,200-kilometer-long) peninsula located in the easternmost part of the Asian continent.Although Korea was not strategic to the US, they entered the war because they did not want to appear soft on communism.

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From its dominance of internet connectivity to the Boryeong Mud Festival, these are 25 Interesting Facts About South Korea.Kids attend these academies to study subjects ranging from math and science to taekwondo, ballet, and even belly dancing.In fact, hagwons are so successful that companies like Goldman Sachs and A.I.G. invest in the Korean education system.And like all the best things in life, the Restroom Cultural Park is free.

The Korean cabbage is combined with julienned carrots and Korean radish, spring.South Korea is one of the most interesting countries in the world.Facts and history of South Korea since the end of World War II.Always keep a bit of alcohol in your glass, and never ever pour your own drink.One-arm handshakes are casual, and in certain circumstances, they can imply superiority.After several failed attempts, the Japanese successfully conquered Korea in 1910 and ruled with a heavy hand, forcing Koreans to practice Shintoism and to speak Japanese.People in South Korea are automatically stereotyped thanks to their blood type.

They want big things in life, and nothing is going to stand in their way.In Korea, a baby is one year old at birth, instead of zero as in most other cultures.The other model uses voice recognition technology to help students with their speaking skills.Hagwons are privately run institutions and almost always open—even when public school is out.

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The Land of the Morning Calm is a rising power full of curious customs and fascinating facts.

Korean baseball games feature female cheerleaders and fans enjoy kim-bobs, which are rings of seaweed stuffed with crab, lobster, and sausage.

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Most women want the same look, which includes small noses, V-shaped chins, and big eyes.Bulls are then led into the amphitheater, with their names painted on their sides (e.g. Power Punch, Flying Tiger and Komodo Dragon).