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You can place other large valuables inside storage totes and boxes.This couple used Bucky Ball magnets to affix the cloth, making this a supremely easy DIY.Hide it somewhere else in your yard that is unlikely to be suspect.LB fitting works with the electrical components of your house (see the Amazon image to the right to see what an LB fitting is).DIY 42 Ingeniously Easy Ways To Hide The Ugly Stuff In Your Home Take those eyesores from ugh to ugh-MAZING.

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Install a fake plastic LB fitting to the outside of your house.

A portion of our information was sourced from The Family Handyman magazine, February 2014 edition.Tap these genius ideas for camouflaging ugly air vents, television cords, and more.

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The honest and unbiased rankings and ratings expressed on this site are the opinion of ASecureLife.com and are subject to change.If you enjoyed the horror game Slender, you should enjoy this retro 3D adventure Hide.

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Then, bury the container in a potted plant, under a bush, or wherever you will remember it.Use an inexpensive printed canvas from IKEA to hide your flatscreen TV.Hang a black drop cloth behind your desk to hide a tangled mass of wires.

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And I hate it when the window cleaner comes so I either hide somewhere or make sure my head is right down.If someone has to move your cleverly covered over safe, or bumps into it, to get to the stereo or television they might just wonder why the lamp stand weighs 180 pounds.

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You can use the part of the vacuum where the bag is stored to hide important documents like birth certificates, marriage license, etc.The best places to hide your drugs in your house, on your body or in your car.

Check out some yard sales or flea markets to grab an old vacuum.If you have an area near your entrance that has a few rocks, this fake rock with a spot for a spare key ( view on Amazon ) is the perfect solution.A great place to add decorative doodles, grocery lists, and to-do lists.Instead of your standard garment rack, opt for a ceiling rope-hung rack instead.

Install a rolling recycling bin in your kitchen counter or island.Keep your charging station in a kitchen or nightstand drawer, just by drilling some holes.Today, there are some really cool and unexpected safes on the market that are disguised as every day products.Similarly, hide a thermostat or home alarm with a canvas on hinges.This will make your television blend in seamlessly with your mantel and fireplace.How to Hide Money: Get Creative Thinking Of Ways To Keep Cash Hidden From Thieves.

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Minecraft: 5 Ways to Hide Your House from Friends - Duration:.After finishing off the last of the ketchup, steak sauce, mayonnaise, or other sauce, clean the bottle out and spray-paint the inside of the container with the appropriate color.Nothing ruins curb appeal faster than an exposed and ugly foundation.You could also spray paint the inside like you did with the condiment bottles.I remember as a kid hiding my money in random places around my room.When placing the screws for the LB fitting, cut the head off the bottom, screw and glue it over the screw hole so it swivels back and forth instead of being tightly secured.

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You can use a VPN, Proxy Server, Tor, or your local coffee shop to hide your IP address.After cleaning a paint can out, fill it with whatever you want.But, we recommend NOT putting it near the front door as that will be too obvious.A computer tower can definitely be an eyesore in a home office, especially with all the wires coming out.

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Empty the product into one of these lovely Muji pump bottles.Warning. There are a lot of dead wrong ideas out there about the perfect places to hide your money around the house.

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Looking back I realize these are some of the worst possible secret hiding compartments (if you can even call them that) I could think of, but I was only like ten years old.As it turns out, there is a way to prevent strangers from seeing your home online through Google Maps.Hiding a gun The rules of three By. to place everyday firearms in secure locations around the house. possible places and ways to hide guns.

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Bunch of wires of appliances are always annoying, even though you have exhausted many ways to hide them,.Just got done purchasing a shop vac and have a big unwanted cardboard box.The best way to protect your valuables is renting a safe-deposit box at your bank.What I did takes a few years to do but is a sure fire way nothing will ever get stolen.Put them in a Tupperware container and then cover with tin foil or other covering.Instead of using it for this purpose, you are going to use it to hide your spare key inside.

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Defend your computer with one of our top rated antivirus programs companies.I think the thrill of finding a dollar here or there was exciting to me because I felt rich when I would come across the couple of dollars hidden in my sock drawer a few months later.

Take a peek under and I bet you can hide some of your small valuables underneath.So in order for this kind of fraud to work, the fraudster will need a clear photo of your key and need to know your address and which door the key unlocks.

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