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Antonine Wall CATEGORY: site DEFINITION: A defensive fortification on the frontier of the Roman Empire in Scotland, built by the governor Lollius Urbicus for the.The purpose of both apps is to demonstrate to visitors what the frontier sites would have looked like when they were in operation, applying augmented reality to bring these sites back to life.

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Most of the wall and its associated fortifications have been destroyed over time, but some remains are still visible.List of World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom and the British Overseas Territories. but was later expanded to include the Antonine Wall.


But it was abandoned a few years after completion, though briefly re-activated by.The Antonine Wall is also mentioned in World War Z as the last line of defense in Great Britain against the zombies.The Antonine Wall, looking east, from Bar Hill between Twechar and Croy.

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Located in central Scotland, north of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Wall was a linear barrier that.

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The app uses augmented reality technology to help visitors explore the World Heritage Site, which stretches some 60km across the Scottish Central Belt.

There was once a remarkable Roman structure within sight of the Antonine Wall at Stenhousemuir.But while the Romans did establish many forts and temporary camps further north of the Antonine Wall in order to protect their routes to the north of Scotland, they did not conquer the Caledonians, and the Antonine Wall suffered many attacks.

Updated on. of the Antonine Wall on the Clyde-Forth line used by Agricola. defence was not the intended purpose,.

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Rough Castle, on the Antonine Wall, drawn by William Roy in 1755.

The Antonine Wall app will draw on 3D laser scanning work carried out by the Scottish Ten Project, along with new scans and interactive 3D models of museum artefacts taken from the Wall, to give visitors a better idea of how points of interest such as the fort at Rough Castle, or the bath house at Bar Hill, would have looked when the Wall operated as a frontier.

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Although this re-occupation only lasted a few years, the wall is sometimes referred to by later Roman historians as the Severan Wall.The Antonine Wall was the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire.We hope you utilize this site to plan your trip to Scotland, share your journeys to Scotland, and become a member of the Journey to Scotland Community.

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Antonine Wall Roman Wall The building of the Antonine Wall started in AD 142 and is thought to have taken six years to complete.A defensive wall is a fortification used to protect a. the first being Gask Ridge and the last the Antonine Wall. although that was not its primary purpose.Content will be commissioned and developed by Historic Scotland and the five local authorities along the line of the Wall: East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Glasgow City, North Lanarkshire, and West Dunbartonshire Councils.

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Historic Scotland is the Scottish national heritage agency tasked with protecting and managing the Antonine Wall alongside local authority partners.

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After a series of attacks in 197, the emperor Septimius Severus arrived in Scotland in 208 to secure the frontier, and repaired parts of the wall.

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Read a brief history of the Antonine Wall to discover why this Roman frontier in Scotland became part of Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site.

In the second century AD, during the reign of the Roman emperor Antonius Pius, the Romans conquered Scotland and built the Antonine.Writing in AD 730, Bede following Gildas mistakenly ascribes the construction of the Antonine Wall to the Britons in Historia Ecclesiastica 1.12.It is thought that there was a wooden palisade on top of the turf.

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In 142 CE, the Antonine Wall was constructed...