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When you search with StartPage by Ixquick, we remove all identifying information from your query and submit it anonymously to Google.Yes a website can see what searches led to a link through, but a search engine.i.e google or yahoo will see your every query.It launched back in 2003 and was popular among searchers who wanted to get Google search results in a private.View pricing for Related Searches or read below to learn more.Get a fresh start with our complete guide to moving your data off Google servers and permanently.We are currently running a BETA test program to try to fix Google Related Searches.

When you surf the web, your search engine is your best friend.Facebook now saves all your searches to your private Activity.But the concern, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is that your search results could reveal a lot of identifying information about you such as your location, sexual orientation, age, interests, religion and health concerns.Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.If you have more than one Google Account, you will have to follow the same steps listed above for each account and clear your cookies from every browser you use frequently.Starting March 1, your search data could be collated with other data Google has about you such as your YouTube viewing history.

Removing your Web history will also stop further Google tracking, but you can re-enable it at any time if you want.How we do it We unwittingly reveal a lot of personal information every time we go online.My laptop is my primary use for going online and such but I.We never store your IP address or other personal information, and we never hand it off to Google.StartPage is the only third-party certified search engine in the world.On the Internet, search queries are used to target vulnerable consumers.

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Google Search, commonly referred to as Google Web Search or simply Google, is a web search engine developed by Google.

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Google points to several benefits of bringing together your data into one database.You share your most intimate thoughts when you search for information.Some people may want to keep that information as private as possible and not share it with Google.

Start privacy-friendly searching, finding and surfing through StartPage.With StartPage, you gain access to great search results while your personal information remains private.

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With the POST method, we make sure your search terms are never shared with third parties.Online Privacy: How to Block Google Ads and Adjust Your Settings.As Stephens-Davidowitz notes for The Big Think, Google Trends data suggests that Americans are more racist than we may think.

Other search engines deliver results based on what they know about you rather than giving you equal access to the Internet.This Note analyzes privacy protections currently in place for internet searches and the interplay between these protections and law enforcement access.

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No IP address, no search results, and no browser information.We get the results, strip out the tracking cookies, and deliver completely private, anonymous search results to you.Major search engines capture your IP address and use tracking.Privatelee returns the best results from the top search engines.

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With StartPage, your privacy is our priority Your privacy is our highest concern.

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The settings cookie does not remember anything about you, except the settings you have selected during your visit.The company, as a result, will be able to deliver all kinds of new levels of personalization such as location-based schedule reminders and better targeted ads.Appearing in Search Engine Results. The privacy setting for Public Search only applies to search engines indexing a preview of your Facebook profile and.

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Your IP address is never recorded, your visit is not logged and no tracking cookies are placed on your browser.After that time you will be treated as one single user across almost all Google products.No matter what search engine you use, search providers know a whole lot about you.A new Google feature allows you to download, delete, and disable your entire Google search history.

In what might be the worst mass invasion of internet privacy, police got a warrant for a particular Google search from an entire Minnesota town.However, the JavaScript scroll-and-drag feature is turned off to protect your privacy.