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Another feature that the LiquidVPN service offers is the ability to choose the type of IP connection used in the VPN tunnel connection.All locations in their network have servers that support shared IP addressing.Examining these parts on the completed connection screenshot above, we see the following components.

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They have custom client software for Windows and Mac OS X and a beta app for Android devices.You should be happy with the speed of their network for most applications based on our testing.

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Another point worth mentioning here is that LiquidVPN recommends using L2TP whenever the OpenVPN speed is not.The second tab on the settings menu is the advanced tab (shown middle image above).LiquidVPN has servers installed in 10 different geographic locations that can be easily accessed and used.

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LiquidVPN in Hot Waters: Servers DDoSed,. (in terms of speed and IP availability.

LiquidVPN uses AES encryption for their SSTP which is mostly for Windows and can punch through most firewalls.The PPTP protocol which uses 128-bit MPPE has the lowest encryption and is generally considered only useful when speed is your objective and not security or if no other protocol is available for your device.A refund will only be granted within seven days of payment for services if you have not used an unreasonable amount of resources before requesting the refund. | Website Review for

You can get the Secret value to enter into this field by logging into their client area.I asked liquid support about it and apparently IP addresses in Europe are very hard to come by now.Why you should use LiquidVPN to surf anonymously and protect your identity.It is a popular choice for streaming media where security is not your greatest concern.

The first area of this screen allows you to select criteria for your server selection which includes the following.I would like to start by saying that LiquidVPN performed well in our speed test.

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Selecting the TCP protocol and port 443 will allow you to simulate HTTPS traffic.Recommended for day to day web surfing, P2P downloading, gaming, VOIP and other general activities.

Notice different servers are shown for the two protocols TCP and UPD in the below screenshots.LiquidVPN review which is an affordable VPN provider that is secure, provides 256 bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth.Enter your username and password for the VPN note: this is different than your site login and was provided to you by the LiquidVPN staff in your welcoming sign up email.Smaller network means better speed and more scope of innovation, which motivates the provider to expand in terms of unique features and offers. LiquidVPN, as a.

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LiquidVPN Review: LiquidVPN is one of the best reliable and affordable VPN service providers.Online gaming works fine, no connection losses, stable ping, downloads at full-speed, I even noticed a subtle boost of my speed (used the server in Frankfurt and NY).Clicking on the circle arrows to the right of ping will show the latest latencies (ping) for the chosen severs in milliseconds.Speed: LiquidVPN operates a very small network of 8 gateways which have about 2 to 3 servers each, mostly comprised of 1-Gigabit ports, located in Canada,.As expected their is some loss in connection speed but it is well worth the for the extra security provided by this level of encryption.

The LiquidVPN team is hard at work creating a full suite of security products to compliment their growing.Their network is not one of the biggest but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.