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British and American spies stole the encryption keys from the largest SIM card manufacturer in the world, according The Intercept.It said the first had involved a breach of one of its French offices, where hackers had attempted to spy on messages sent both internally between Gemalto employees and externally to others.Each Sim card has an individual encryption key, installed by the chip manufacturer, that secures communications between the handset in which it inserted and mobile phone masts.How to manage and secure your SIM card on a BlackBerry smartphone How-To.That the intelligence agencies might seek to gain access to the data held by communications companies comes as no surprise - and we know that often data is handed over after the agencies make legal approaches to the firms.

NSA, UK's GCHQ reportedly hacked encryption of SIM card

A German security researcher has discovered a massive vulnerability—one of the first of its kind—in the encryption used by some mobile SIM. a SIM card and may.Security; Mobile; NSA and GCHQ have had access to SIM card encryption keys for years, latest Snowden documents reveal By Shawn Knight on Feb 19, 2015, 6:30 PM 44...Global Data SIM Card. developing and commercializing global wireless products and solutions with global carriers.British spies hacked into Facebook to steal information that let them track mobile phone SIM cards worldwide.SIM card encryption keys have been stolen by American and British spies.More on this story US and UK accused of hacking Sim card firm to steal codes 20 February 2015 Spy agency policies breached rights 18 February 2015.

SIM card maker Gemalto has dismissed recent reports that U.K. and U.S. spies obtained encryption keys protecting millions of mobile phones by hacking its network.Once this signature is resolved using a rainbow table, the DES key is known within a couple of minutes.U.S. and U.K. intelligence agencies have reportedly hacked into the computer network of giant SIM card maker Gemalto and taken smartphone encryption keys potentially.

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SIM card manufactured by Gemalto appear to be secure, according to the Dutch company which initiated an investigation into the alleged hacking of its SIM card.Nohl was able to crack the encryption key on the SIM card in about one minute.U.S. and U.K. intelligence agencies have reportedly hacked into the computer network of giant SIM card maker Gemalto and taken smartphone encryption keys.

NSA & British GCHQ Hacked SIM Card Maker to Steal

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NSA/GCHQ Hacks SIM Card Database and Steals Billions of

From this point, the attacker is able to send properly signed binaries that could allow them to download Java Card applets, send SMSes, change voicemail numbers, and query location data.

That is, of course, unless those carrying out the surveillance get hold of the encryption key.Other documents - said to be from a wiki tool - appeared to confirm that GCHQ agents were monitoring data transmissions by Gemalto employees as part of efforts to create a database of Sim card encryption keys.

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A German security researcher has cracked the outdated security used by older SIM cards.Dell launches threat protection for air-gapped enterprise systems.

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One telecoms expert told the BBC that hacking Sim cards would not have been a useful approach for the agencies because they would then have to deploy monitoring equipment at any mast an individual phone owner might use.SIM Card Seizure latest version: A complete utility tool for SIM card management.The company goes on to express severe doubts over whether the agencies got hold of any encryption keys - and to point out than in any case any calls on 3G or 4G networks would not have been vulnerable to interception.