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The iPhone uses a mobile version of the Safari browser to view websites.

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Deleting Your Search History From Search Engines. with the fact that their search history is kept. how to delete your search history from the more.

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Clear the history list. and removes the website icons that appear in the search and address field.

You have two options to clear your search history and overall browsing history.If you are using your YouTube app on your smartphone, tablet, or other device, you have the option to clear your search history.How to view and clear your browsing history in Safari on iPhone or iPad.While Apple is happy to be a trailblazer with its USB-C ports on MacBook, users still desperately need different ports.

You may required to delete Instagarm search history on iPhone on many occasions.This singular, lightweight accessory provides all of the ports you need in day-to-day life.Both the Apple Maps app and Google Maps app automatically creates a maps search history on your iPhone.The company is even offering free SIM cards for your unlocked devices.Wipe instagram search and explore is not hard just following steps enough to delete it.

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How to Clear Your Google Search History

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To delete individual items, like a search you did on Google or a website you visited on Chrome: Go to My Activity.A new Google feature allows you to download, delete, and disable your entire Google search history.

This article teaches how to clear search history on iPhone devices.

How to Delete/Clear instagram search history on iPhone: iOS 9

Learn here how to clear instagram search history on iPhone, iPad.Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Sign up here to get our FREE Tip of the Day delivered right to your inbox.You may want to revisit a Web site that you failed to bookmark on your iPhone, and Safari on the iPhone provides a Web page history to help you do just that.

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Unlike Apple Maps, Google Maps does let users delete individual locations.

Using this tip your can easily clear or delete YouTube search history on iPhone, iPad app.Find the page forward and page back buttons in the Safari toolbar.Tap the Search bar to get the list of all your recent search history.How to Search Message History on iPhone: iMessage, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

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How to Clear History on iPhone Every now and then, you should clear your iPhone history.

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Pull down on the list to reveal the Search bar and enter your query.Google knows quite a lot about you based on your search history.

Tips and tricks How to delete your search history and destinations in Maps on iPhone and iPad.